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Economy Bows  

Round or octagonal brazilwood shaft with quality horsehair in a few models - M.10, M.20, J.Remy, M.40, M50 with different frogs (ebonized, ebony, half or fully lined, with dot or parisian eye) and different lappings (nickel silver, german silver, whalebone imitation).  Available in all sizes (1/16 to full size) 

Price range for:

          Violin $45.00-185.00 

          Viola  $65.00-185.00

          Cello $95.00-210.00

          Bass $110.00-280.00 (French or German frog)

Composite Bows

Round shaft, new type fibreglass with ebony frog and quality horsehair, available in colours

Violin from $49.00    

Round shaft with carbon fiber shell, ebony frog, horsehair, available in metallic finish colours. Price range for 

Violin $69.00-115.00

Cello  $95.00-165.00

Carbon fiber and braided cabon fiber shaft with ebony frog and horsehair - durable bows of high quality for more demanding players - 

for full size violin from $245.00

for full size cello from  $350.00


Advanced Bows  

Round or octagonal shaft of better and best quality brazilwood or good quality pernambuco, fully lined frog, crafted by German and Chinese bow makers. Price range for full size bows:

Violin - $245.00-895.00 

Viola  - $295.00-895.00  

Cello  - $365.00-1,100.00 

Master Bows  

High quality and select pernambuco round or octagonal shaft, fully lined ebony frog (other materials available) silver or gold mounted, handcrafted in Germany.

Violin - from $825.00

Viola - from $895.00

Cello - from $895.00



TIP: Always release hair tension after playing - It will help  to preserve camber of the shaft. Do not touch horse hair with fingers - oil protecting our skin will soil the hair causing the bow to slip.


KCM is carrying now advanced and master bows by C.A. Götz (Germany)