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Cases - Violin & Viola

Shaped durable plywood case with cordura or canvas cover featuring accessory/music pocket, carrying and/or backpack straps, in all sizes -  from $85.00

Oblong ultralight case  fully lined interior with matching blanket, accessory compartment(s) screw-attached cover with full music pocket, backpack / carrying straps, different models available for 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 violin -from $89.00-125.00  

Oblong plywood shell case fully lined interior with suspension, neck restraint, 2 or 4 bow holders, accessory compartment(s) and matching blanket, screw-attached cover (cordura, vinyl or microfiber) featuring full music pocket backpack/carrying straps, subway handle, lock, variety or models available from $125.00 to $345.00

Other advanced professional cases are available and can be ordered in specified color and material combinations.

Cello and Bass Carrying Bags 

Very well padded bag with extra cushions over the bridge and on the back, multiple handles, padded backpack, carrying straps, bow, accessory and music pockets. 

Cello                                  from $155.00

3/4 Bass                             from $265.00 

Hardshell Cello Cases

Fiberglass:                         4/4 size starting at $545.00

                                        3/4 and 1/2 size starting at $399.00

Fibertex:                           4/4 size starting at $699.00

Carbon fiber cases:            4/4 size starting at $859.00