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Used Consignments

Instruments are ensured to be sound and in good condition, so you can consider them with assurance. Most of these instruments went through the KCM shop and they are professionally set-up and adjusted to optimize their availability and tonal performance. You will be advised if any instrument is offered for sale "as is" (at the owner's request) and price reflects this fact.  

Selection of available instruments varies at any given time. Contact Chris for updates

4/4 Violin with label Fernando Sacconi Roma Anno 1925 - Closely grained top, one piece back of flamed maple with midium narrow curl, matching ribs and neck; great sounding instrument $6,500.00 SOLD

4/4 F. Mardula, Zakopane 1987 (Polish maker) - One piece back of nicely flamed maple, closely grained top, good instrument for advanced student, very good condition $3,500.00  SOLD

4/4 Made in Austria, labeled N. Verlag Schneiderhan, Wien Anno. 1978. Great sounding instrument for advanced student. Very good condition. Instrument only.  $3,200.00 SOLD

4/4 Violin Bow  $1,800.00 SOLD

Charles Gaillard, Paris 1857, No. 63, one piece back, very good condition ($35,000) Call to inquire.

Andrea Castagneri , Paris 1780, very good condition ($20,000) Call to inquire

Leon Bernardel SOLD

C. J. B. Collin-Mezzin SOLD

J.G. Schonfelder ($4,500)

A.Orlando 1953 SOLD

3/4 Jay-Haide $1,800

E R Pfretschner 1904 violin ($800)

Pfretschner cello bow, round pernambuco shaft ($3,000)

Ch. Buthod a Paris, round shaft, silver mounted #103 ($4,000)

16" viola Rudolph Buchner Erlangen 1985 ($3,000)

Older cello, made in Germany; repaired, good for a beginner ($1,400)

Older German cello in very good condition ($2,200)