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To help you keep your instruments in tune, there is a variety or devices. Before you are able to tune violin, viola or cello using just "A" reference note from a simple tuning fork, you may want to use an electronic tuner. 


Intelli Imt501 - Chromatic tuner compact unit that has contact pickup - attaches to the scroll of a violin/viola or to the bridge of a cello, inexpensive and efficient 6.00Voyageur V200C - large display, built-in microphone and 1/4 jack                  Korg - very reliable chromatic tuner with high precision LCD needle-type meter     


Digital Metronomes are very accurate and have numerous features including different time signature settings, group-note settings and beat modes - all in compact sized unit. Korg KMA-30   Voyager VM600                                                                           

Tuner/ Metronome CombinationModel 99-B - Fully automatic chromatic tuner, metronome with group-note settings, sound generating unit, comes with clip-on pick-up microphone and earphone $38.00Intelli - tuner /metronome combination with large display, compact and easy to use             


Fishman - provenremovable pickup that is easy to use, attaches quickly without any need for a bridge modification. Available for violin/viola, cello or bassLR Baggs - better system with better sound, has a piezzo pick-up element imbeded in the bridge. It is more permanent and requires professional installation (bridge fitting).Schatten - great canadian product with verty real "accoustic" sound, similar to LR Baggs, requires professional installation, includes carpenter jack with or without volume control. For better results and easy tuning in noisy environment you can use clip on pick-up microphone (such as Intelli IPM 100) - accurate, versatile, compatible with any tuner.