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Shoulder Rests

Viva Standard and Viva Compact - designed for superior fit with innovative, lateral adjustment system and ergonomical composite frame for complete and comfortable support Available in all size (4/4-3/4, 1/2- 1/43, 1/8-1/16),  also with coloured frames.

Kun Standard and Kun Collapsible - excellent design copied all over the world, available in all sizes

Wolf Forte Secondo - great shoulder rest providing very good support for players with long neck. This model features telescopic feet extension allowing for greater height.

Fom - economical version of Kun model that is well made and works great, 3/4 & 4/4, 1/4 &1/2 violin

Artino - "one size fits all" model that is well padded and adjusts to any size of violin.

Bonmusica - unique design that allows custom shaping of the flexible yet rigid pad to hold instrument in a very secure and effortless manner.

Luxury Shoulder Rests

Viva Diamond and Viva Gold - perfect complement for the finest instrument, artisan crafted from solid hardwood for great strength, light weight and beautiful look.

Kun Voce - space-age design with carbon fiber body, unique adjusting system, super light and comfortable.

Chin Rests

Most instruments come with mounted chinrest that is more-less standard and fits most players quite well. Advanced players should explore different available models to increase their comfort or playing during long hours of practicing.Student chinrests are available in bakeliete, ABS or hardwood and exotic woods and they include such models as Dresden, Teka, Kaufman, Guarneri. Most of advanced players use ebony, rosewood or boxwood chinrests of similar models.


Composite Chinrests 

A new generations of hypoallergenic chinrests from Wittner (German) eliminates need for purchasing few different models. It allows positioning in wider range - from far left to well over the tailpiece.  

For super comfort - try "Wolf Maestro"chinrest with leather covered, flexible pad that is moldable.  

Any standard type chinrest can be softened by attaching "Chin Comforter" - self-adhensive pad constructed of fabric covered layer of charcoal. Great for young and sesitive players! 


TIP: Hold the violin in playing position and observe yourself in a mirror. If a large portion your chinrest (25% or more) is not covered by your chin, it should be adjusted to fit you better.

If good fit is imposible to achieve, search for and try different models. 

Pegs, Tailpieces, Endpins

Many instruments can benefit from upgrading fittings in terms of sound quality as well as appearance. Better quality pegs that are properly fitted will provide more reliable tuning, prevent frequent "popping-out" and enhance look of an instrument. Lighter tailpiece with selected number of integrated fine tuners will improve sound projection. 

KCM carries variety of models and styles of all fittings: pegs, tailpieces, endpins are available as sets or can be installed separately. They can be plain, with ornamental inlays, dots, parisian eyes or fully carved in ebony, boxwood, rosewood or other excotic hardwoods (snakewood, pernambuco). Fittings in many styles (traditional, french, swiss, Hill, Mirecourt, Winterling, Pusch etc.) are available from well known makers - Wittner, Thomastik, B&C, JSB, Otto Tempel, Gotz, Le Bois d'Harmonie and others. 

Call Chris at 604-251-4309 to discuss your requirements and to find out about different options within your budget.