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  • Performance models - popular choice for performers & students, convenient, easy to use.
  • Tourte style - hard rubber, round (double hole) or fiddle shaped  (single hole).
  • Si-Hon wire mute - mutes effectively all strings 
  • Spector mute - soft rubber designed for violin 
  • Bech magnetic mute - attaches to tailpiece by magnet eliminating possibility of rattling, for violin and viola.
  • Practice models - ideal for apartments or late night playing, provide very effective muting.
  • Ultra - heavy duty, hard rubber that will not damage instrument. Available for all sizes of violins as well as for viola, cello and bass.
  • Wolftone - heavy metal barrel with flexible three-prong fork that spreads and grips securely any bridge. The most effective in terms of muting, for 4/4 violin only. 


  • Perfect solution for cellist struggling with "wolf" note(s) on their cellos (usually D# to F#), mounts easily on G string bellow the bridge and can be adjusted with a few turns of the screw.  Also available for violin. 


  • Instruments work their best when surrounding air has "normal" humidity level - between 50-75%. That can be easily monitored with hygrometers
  • Traditional dial style hygrometer
  • Planet Waves" humidity & temperature sensor with digital display and programable set point  
  • If increased humity is required you can use one of many humidifiers:
  • Humitron - releases water vapour through perfgorated rubber sleave enclosing open cell sponge (inserts inside of violin/viola, cello or bass).
  • Humistat - simple to monitor and adjust, effective case humidifier - clear container with adjustable cap and with mounting clip.
  • Guardfather - plastic container  with special compound that slowly releases moisture into the air.
  • Planet Waves  - conveniently sized to fit inside of a case (for small or large instruments).
  • Stretto - system for monitoring/providing humidity in a case's interior; digital hygro-thermometer provides accurate readings, perforated container houses special cartridge maintaining constant level of humidity. Made in Switzerland.

Amount of rosin on the instrument is not an indicator of how much you plan and how good you are - your playing itself indicates that much better. Keep your instrument clean!To help remove rosin and dirt residue you can use one of many available varnish cleaners. Renaissance - good cream polish

  • Angel - fast working polish and cleaner
  • Hidersol - good alternative as a cleaner
  • Petz - rosin remover - great for removing heavy build-ups from fingerboard
  • Hill - premium cleaner from England 

To prevent floor damage and to hold your cello (or bass) securely without slipping, there is a variety of holders:

  • Slip stop - simple metal cup with ruber base that works in most situations.
  • Black hole - super compact, super tacky material that works on almost any surface
  • Vivacello - conteporary and inovative three point design; ensures superior fraction also on uneven surfaces.
  • Xeros anchor - with 2" adjustable strap (16" to 32") has a D ring and heavy duty cup with non-slip sole. Lifetime guarantee.
  • Artino - hollow body of this stopper resonates to enhance tone.  
  • "Adonis" portable, folding, 3 section stand with tightening knobs and adjustable top (desk) combs with carrying bag $14.50
  • "Protec" deluxe model folding, 3 section stand with tightening knobs and adjustable European style top (desk) $29.95
  • Heavy duty music stand with large top desk and folding legs,  adjustable height $44.00
  • "Duet" music stand light two bright head lights on flexible
  • Shafts attaches to any music stand. $24.00  
  • "Ingles" portable, compact stand fully adjustable to all sizes, with retractable bow holder, designed for stability and security with safety neck restraint                     
  • violin/viola $36.00                                   
  • cello/bass $72.00
  • "Swing strings" violin/viola hanger, attaches to the shaft of the microphone or music stand. Perfect for musicians who use also other instruments during the performance. $19.95