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Specialty Instruments

7/8 size violins

KCM's own "Concert" model Great sounding instruments, perfect for talented and demanding players "overstretching" on a full size violin who need "full size" sound. $1,800.00 - $2,100.00 SOLD

Available on order: Eastman different models ranging from $395.00

Left handed violin   

Not a conversion, constructed with reversed positioning of bass bar and the soundpost, adjusted for the best tonal results and set-up for comfort of playing.  "Concert" model $1,950.00 SOLD

Available on order: Eastman 105L $795.00

5 string violins


For a musician who wants expanded range of sound without inconvenience or switching between violin and viola and carrying two instruments. These fully accoustic instruments with traditional oil varnish have great response and very nice, powerful  sound throughout entire range with deep, resonant  low end. KCM's "Sonata Dlx" & "Concert" models $2,100.00-$2,400.00

Also available A.Eastman m.405V $1,750.00