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Violins and Violas

Every instrument, new or used, offered for sale goes through KCM shop and it's profesionally set up, checked and adjusted to optimize its playability and tonal performance.

For young students and less advanced players of all ages, there is a selection of good quality instruments in all sizes from S. Eastman in variety of models, selected hand crafted instruments from Chinese makers, as well as KCM's own line in "Prelude" and "Sonata" models. All these instruments have Wittner ultra tailpiece or four fine tuners, Pirastro "Tonica" strings and good quality bridge.

For more demanding players there are high quality used instruments of different origins and new ones from F. Kirschnek, Andreas Eastman in variety of models, selected hand-crafted instruments from chinese makers, and KCM's own line with "Sonata Deluxe", and "Concert" models. Set up includes high quality fittings, Pirastro strings (Tonica, Obligato or Evah Pirazzi). Most of these instruments are available as complete outfit with quality brazilwood bow and ultralight case. Outfits can be modified or instruments can be purchased separately.